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lfa Romeo InfoMobile is the 'original' Alfa Romeo application for your smartphone.

It’s designed to always be on hand, wherever you go, and to offer you the information and services that you want quickly and simply.
The application is available for free1 in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish..

With Alfa Romeo InfoMobile, you can take advantage of many services : store key dates for your vehicle, consult the Owner Handbooks, find your nearest dealership or service centre. You can contact Alfa Romeo InfoMore, the Customer Service and Roadside Assistance to request roadside rescue when needed. You can find out the latest Alfa Romeo news and promotions, and view multimedia content in Augmented Reality by scanning the full-page advert with the AR+ symbol using your smartphone’s camera. The app is continuously updated with new services and functions...

Notes :

1. Some services are not available in all countries.

2. The application is available for Android 2.3.3 and later operating systems.

3. The application is available for iPhone.

4. The application is available for free and does not charge for its use. However, it requires the use of telephone and data transmission services. We therefore advise you to check the applicable rates for these services with your provider...

For more information and to install, click here !

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